Success Stories

Case Study - USA Medical Sector presents a real world example of how Lucidus helped one organisation create a credible and flexible Value Estimator that their customers could believe in.

Case Study - Canadian Communications Sector describes how we were asked to provide our Global IT client with a Value Selling process to demonstrate the value that would be released from introduction of an enterprise-wide employee portal into their major Canadian customer's enterprise.

Case Study – US Owned IT Hardware and associated Services Vendor where we were asked to develop an articulation of the value to be derived from a radical new way of charging for IT storage solutions and services.

Case Study – UK Government Agency (Service Sector) describes how we assessed our client's current IT skill levels and designed a re-skilling programme for their IT department.

Case Study - UK Government presents an example of how Lucidus helped develop an integrated process for monitoring large-scale benefit programmes.

Case Study –European division of US PC Manufacturer is about the European IT division of a major US owned PC manufacturer that required a way to articulate the overall value to the corporation to flow from IT investment in Europe.

Case Study – UK Utility Company describes a client that was being pressured into changing an existing IT outsourcing agreement to one based on "Joint Venture" partnership principles.