Lucidus Ltd - Providing Thought Leadership and Innovation in Value Management

Lucidus is a privately owned, independent Management Consultancy that was founded in 1989. It provides impartial and objective advice to Government Departments, Agencies and the Executive Boards of private sector companies that recognize the need for robust value management strategies in support of investment in major change programmes.

Lucidus founder, Robert White (CEO), a world authority on the emerging subject of Value Lifecycle Management as a critical management discipline, has provided leading edge strategies and advice to some of the world's most successful private enterprises, public sector organizations, and high-value sales and consulting organizations.

As a value practitioner over the last two decades, Robert has made a significant contribution to the de-risking of a large number of high profile change programmes. In 1996, Gower published his book, The Outsourcing Manual, the first comprehensive guide for any organization considering taking this route, which Robert wrote based on many years experience of selling and delivering Outsourcing agreements, including the Inland Revenue, arguably the first and most successful Public Private Partnership let by the UK Government after the announcement of the Private Finance Initiative by the Conservative Government in 1992.

Co-founder, Howard Hughes, is a leader in the science of 'value assessment and measurement' and the visionary architect of a revolutionary benefits assessment, modeling and predictive tracking tool (Integrated Performance Measures - IPM) which he has been developing and refining since 1995. IPM enables and delivers the value management strategies and crucially, deals with the complexity that is inherent in multiple high-value change programmes. This tool and its associated techniques have reached a level of capability and maturity that remain unique and unsurpassed some 10 years later.

In combination, they provide a coherent end-to-end Benefits Lifecycle Management process that is seen as the holy grail of benefits centred programme governance, with emphasis on achieving planned outcomes and a clear understanding of affordability versus capability. IPM has been referred to by academics as a 'thinking technology' based on its exceptional capability as a visualization aid, enabling stakeholders, technologists and the recipients of the investment to understand how value is derived, measured and what is required of them to assure its delivery.

Lucidus' clients receive this expertise in the form of executive level management consulting that focuses on diagnosis, strategy development, thought leadership and management training, followed by delivery of a customized and appropriate end-to-end Value Lifecycle Management process, enabled by IPM. This is licensed for the lifecycle of the investment programme, and is supported by regular audit of the VLM process.

From Vice President, Venture Investments, Telco

On clarity of the value model - "It was 'awesome'!"

On the need for the value model in articulating the business case - "The value model is key to explaining and getting comfortable with the numbers - you cannot rely on 'trust me' - we need the model to illustrate the depth and granularity behind the numbers."

On value release lifecycle management - "Its just incredible."

On the overall support of Lucidus - "Awesome!"

On other using Lucidus - "... and I can frankly tell you that any reference that I would give [Lucidus Ltd] would be extremely favourable"

Group Finance Director - Retail PLC

"The representations of ROI offered by your [Lucidus] value models are exactly what Finance Directors need. It gives me a completely new perspective on my business that I could get no other way"

Value Manager - Major Utility

". an absolute God send for all those involved in Benefits Realisation"

Salesman - IT Infrastructure Company (using Lucidus PT techniques)

"The IT services market is increasingly competitive, and in order to succeed, we need a key differentiator. Lucidus Value modeling helps us gain access to power, where we can learn about business priorities, position our relevant services, and crucially articulate the business case for change. Having worked with Lucidus on some selected accounts I am confident that it will help us to close more business, of higher value, with shorter sales cycles"