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In any project ‘Value’– however you define it – leaks

In any project ‘Value’– however you define it – leaks

Developing a UAV is, for Investors, complicated, expensive and risky. The biggest risk for Investors is Value Leakage – that puzzling phenomenon where, for reasons that are never entirely clear, investment returns are less than anticipated and arrive later than planned.

You can define ‘Value’ in many ways - it depends what’s important to you. Profit? Reputation? Time? Being First? It doesn’t matter what you call it.

The point is - ‘Value’ leaks. It leaks for many reasons. We think that one of the most important reasons is a lack of experience. An ‘Experience Gap’ anywhere in a team can start to throw up less than optimal decisions and judgements the effects of which may take a while to become apparent. The earlier in the project these decisions and judgments are made the bigger the downstream problem.

Be confident in your potential and aware of your inexperience
- Jon Lovett -

We don’t design UAV Guidance Systems but we certainly understand them and for everything else aboard the airframe, we have a combined 90 years of experience in developing, assembling, fixing, selling and test flying every conceivable type of aerial vehicle.

We know what works and what doesn’t. So we know where most of the Value Leakage points in a project are likely to be. Our experience and skills allow us retrospectively to identify latent problems that may be lurking and come up with solutions to avoid or minimise any actual leakage.

It’s how we slow or stop the unseen but steady erosion of your investment returns and reduce the pace at which the ‘time to market’ date slips.

This web site is designed to provide insights into some of those things that we ‘don’t know we don’t know’ and, in the process, help you reduce any Value Leakage that might be occurring in your project.

We hope it helps.

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UAV Test Pilots

We are highly experienced professional UAV Test Pilots. The weight of our extensive experience can help to reduce any potential erosion of investment returns and, more crucially, may reduce your time to market.

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