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About Me

What I've done with my working life, in a nutshell.

I have over 39 years experience in the IT industry focused on translating business requirements into value-adding IT solutions. Starting in mainframe operations, I taught myself programming and moved to a Systems Programming role, being responsible for managing implementation and support of IBM mainframe operating systems. I have performed this role working both in-house and for major services organisations. I have additionally undertaken technical consultancy assignments on behalf of services organisations.

I added PC application development to my capabilities, covering all aspects from the initial requirement analysis, through design, development, documentation, distribution, support and marketing. Applications have been both in-house and package development sold to blue-chip clients in the UK, US and Europe.

My delivery experience with service providers has embraced project and people management, design and development across wide ranging platforms, where an ability to learn new skills quickly was key.

I have management experience and a wide ranging business knowledge across a broad range of industries. However, I have chosen to retain a hands on technical element to all managerial roles undertaken.

Package Development

Designed and developed commercial software for a number of companies. This gave me a perspective of the whole life-cycle from the initial idea, design, prototype, develop, document, package, distribute and support. This experience rapidly gives you an understanding of the many priorities involved in software development.


Management means many things to many people. Over the years, I have lead teams of Systems Programmers, Analysts and Developers, all of whom have their own unique challenges. Protecting and motivating the team is key to hitting targets.

Web Strategy

Designed, developed and implemented an effective web strategy on a limited budget. Created an extensive WEB site, including user downloads and interactive forms/JavaScript/PHP components. Developed the tools necessary to support an e-mail based marketing campaign. Suggested and Implemented money saving strategies such as use of Skype and Persony (web presentations).

Qualifications Summary.

I am a developer through and through. Starting out in IBM assembler on System/370 machines, I have progressed to an experienced C# and VB6 developer on the desktop and an Angular 2/4 developer onn the web.

My ideal situation is taking a 'fag packet' spec through to production systems, doing the analysis, design, specification, coding, documentation and distribution. Not many employers give me that much scope, though that was what I did for Lucidus for over 14 years, making it an invaluable experience.

The following list represents just some of the highlights of my career.

  • Designed and developed (whole lifecycle) several commercial software packages including Integrated Performance Measures (a flexible business modelling package), Enabler (a 360 degree performance improvement product), PMSuite (a suite of personnel improvement packages) and Performer (a Management Standards based review and improvement package).
  • Maintained highly complex systems in a range of industries including Financial Investments, Mortgages, Housing and Sales/Marketing. This includes bug fixing, support and analysis and development of new features.
  • Developed the necessary infrastructure and processes required to support the development of a software package including managing help-desk, support, distribution and maintenance.
  • Contributed to product marketing, pulling together sales and marketing materials, proof reading marketing messages and running e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Team leadership, staff mentoring and one-on-one training.
  • Designed, developed and implemented an effective web strategy on a shoestring budget. Created an extensive WEB site, including user downloads and interactive forms/JavaScript components.
  • Self-motivated and self-taught.


I firmly believe that, in development, there are specialists and generalists. Specialists know everything there is to know about their chosen subject (or two) while generalists know a enough about a number of technologies to be able to be injected in to any project and bring themselves to a productive state quickly. I'm a generalist and happy to be so.

In the dim and distant past, I was IBM mainframe through and through. Now, I'm Microsoft and happy to be in that arena. My day to day life involves coding Winforms in C# with a healthy dose of VB6 to keep me grounded. My online efforts revolve around knowing enough about web technologies to achieve the results I need, so include a reasonable knowledge of HTML and CSS, enough JavaScript to be dangerous and a smattering of PHP.

I have had experience of working on ASP.Net projects and, for my sins, have use Java.


Commercial products I have maintained.

These are some of the market leading commercial products I have worked on.



Tercero is market leading, multi-award winning, front-to-back Investment Management software. A single, integrated solution providing comprehensive operational support for all aspects of your business - delivering unparalleled flexibility, efficiency and control.


Tercero Digital Wealth

Built specifically for the investment management community, Tercero Digital Wealth allows you to deliver the online capabilities needed in the new digital age. Device independent, Tercero Digital Wealth will allow you to engage with your customers in the manner expected by today’s changing demographic; digitally.


Adviser Office

Adviser Office is a market leading client and practice management system for adviser firms of all sizes. It provides all the CRM and back office tools needed to simplify and streamline the way you operate, helping to automate manual processing which significantly reduces costs and saves time.



Trigold Prospector is the market leading mortgage sourcing tool, providing a complete end-to-end system for mortgage advice. It is regarded as the most user-friendly, compliant, and accurate sourcing software available; over two thirds of mortgage professionals use Trigold Prospector on a daily basis.

Commercial products I have designed and written from scratch.

The list below represents some of the commercial applications I have designed and written from scratch over the years. These were taken from concept through to delivered commercial products.


Integrated Performance Measures

IPM is a flexible commercial modelling package, that has been used for such diverse applications as the assessment, communication and tracking of value in sales and the deployment, communication and management of corporate improvement & change management


Effectiveness Assessment

Sales improvement begins with a clear definition of what solutions are being offered to the customer and how that solution contributes to growth and and profit margin improvement. Effectiveness Assessment is a tool for defining the components of the solution, how they bring profitable growth and what factors affect how effective the solution is.



Performer is a suite of software tools to help individuals, line managers and organisations develop their performance using occupational standards. By keeping the code flexible, three versions of the product were produced covering Management standards, FENTO (Further Education National Training Organisation) standards and Business Link Standards..



pmSuite is a software package aimed at senior management in an organisation to give them the tools to manage the performance of the organisation as a whole. It allows management to spot areas of strength and weakness with a view to spreading best practice from the successful areas of the business to the struggling areas of the business.


School Mentor

School Mentor - designed to enable school professionals at all levels of experience to look at their teaching skills, professional and management characteristics.


Enabler Suite

Enabler is an application that profiles a manager against a set of core competencies, benchmarking the managers capabilities against the profile of the "ideal manager" and produces a report of specific actions to take to improve their effectiveness. The process is based around a 360 degree review of competence.


Other Peoples opinions about me.

  • One very quickly runs out of superlatives with Steve. He is the cleverest person I know. He is highly innovative, passionate regarding the proper maintenance of agreed standards and protocols and establishes excellent relationships with our clients.

    Robert White, CEO Lucidus Ltd
  • Steve is a rare developer resource who is able to provide a good breakdown of technical solutions for all audiences to understand... Steve understands the importance of project deliverables both from a client and business perspective and shows a personal pride in ensuring the delivery schedules are met.

    Ranjit Sandhi, Project Manager, IRESS UK
  • I have worked closely with Steve for his time with us and long before we formed our company. His technical ability far out-performs anyone I have known or met in companies we have worked with like IBM/EDS/Cap Gemini

    Howard Hughes, Director Lucidus Ltd
  • Steven showed a great deal of commitment and skill when he worked with me. His attention to detail, comprehensive documentation and well thought out code, using very impressive technical standards meant that it was always possible to rely on the solutions provided being top notch. Steven is an asset to any company, at any level - if I were able to, I'd love to work with him again.

    Glyn Simpson, South View Solutions Ltd


Where I've been and what I've achieved.

March 2015 – Present Third Financial Software Developer/R&D Team Leader

Joined Third Financial when Lucidus closed for business. Third produces the leading Wealth Management tool which is based around a Windows Forms front end talking to a series of WCF services connected to a SQL Server database using a mixture of ADO and Entity Framework.

While I joined as a lowly developer, I have demnstrated a skill set that ThirdFin want and have been instrumental in the development of a web app using Angular2/4. My abilities led to my promotion to R&D Team Leader.

Some of my achievements to date have included:

  • Architecting a strategic WEB based development using .Net Core, Angular 2, Bootstrap and Web Services. This to replace an existing web solution and an iPad app and to form the starting point for an online trading system.
  • Pulled together the team of developers for the Angular 2 app and managed that team, liaising with the Founding Director of the company.
  • Success of the Angular 2 app led to promotion to Team Leader for the whole R&D function.
  • Spec writing, spec reviews and estimating. Scheduling of work for the R&D team.
  • Maintenance and bug fixing of the Tercero wealth management system (C#, DevExpress, Winforms).
  • Design and development of new features for new and existing clients, taking a BRD and producing technical specifications, software and documentation.
  • Expansion of the use of DevExpress components including introducing some previously unused components.
  • Second line support.
  • Analysis, design and coding of inter-bank interfaces.
  • Introduction of new tools such as Resharper and WebStorm.

As team leader I have direct responsibility for five other people including

  • Allocation of work.
  • Direct reporting to the CEO & CTO.
  • Liaiseing with project managers to ensure projects are properly resourced and delivered on time.
  • Mentoring of junior team members.
  • Scrum master

Oct 2013 – March 2015 Lead Developer

Returned to Lucidus with the intention of upgrading the existing VB6 Business Modelling application to meet the needs of the new Value Based Sales processes. At the same time, to redesign and redevelop the tool-set to C#.

  • Actively redesigning and redeveloping the VB6 suite of applications to C# using the DevExpress controls suite.
  • Added functions to the existing VB6 application that reduced the time to produce a sales model from 4 weeks to 45 minutes.
  • Developed an Effectiveness Assessment tool (C#/Winforms) to gather structured information from the client for use in the modelling process. This led to more consistent data being collected and the automation of information fed to the model builder.
  • Improved customer benefit from our services by developing a Sales Person Performance Tracking system (C#/Winforms) capable of identifying sales opportunities at risk of being lost allowing early intervention to take place.
  • Analysed, redesigned and am rewriting the business modelling tool in C#.
  • Redesigned the Lucidus website using BootStrap3/PHP.
  • Coached the CEO on the use of LinkedIn to higher the company profile.
  • Provided support for customers in the USA and South Africa.

Feb 2013 – Oct 2013 Avelo (Trigold) Developer

I was invited back to Avelo in order to pick up on the project I was working on when I went to South View Solutions.

  • Prospector (VB6) bug fixing and feature development, releasing two other developers to work on other projects.
  • Migrated a Unix/Java mortgage application system to a new C# service. This was a time critical project, delivered early.
  • Joined the company Communications Workflow group to help influence company communications policy.
  • Worked on the Prospector (VB6) to Momentum (Asp.Net) mortgage sourcing bridge, allowing the VB6 application to interface to the online systems for sourcing buy-to-let mortgages. In the process, the online mortgage system was greatly enhanced
  • Created an exemplar Windows 8 Store App (C#) to interface with AveloTrigold web services.

Sep 2012 – Feb 2013 South View Solutions Senior Developer

South View Solutions have two development streams, dealing with mobile applications for the housing associations and with integration products providing low cost add-on tools for the back office systems (financial and job management) used in those housing associations. At the time I joined there was no support for the integration products and I was to pick up, support and enhance those products leaving the rest of the team to concentrate on mobile.

  • Resurrected the broken Maintenance Job Scheduling system (C#/WPF/WCF), fixed it and released to three customers who had been seeking an alternative product.
  • Produced a prototype Purchase Order system (C#/Winforms) in three weeks which subsequently led to an order from the customer for the full product.
  • Introduced Resharper which led to faster bug resolution and improved code quality.
  • Provided guidance in the use of SubVersion, streamlining the release process.
  • Designed and developed (C#) a file processing automation system allowing the user to create C# based macros rather than keep deploying the application for every new file type.
  • Analysed and re-wrote the VB6 invoice matching system in C#/WPF.
  • Produced training plans for the junior developers.

2011 – Sep 2012 Avelo (Trigold) Developer

Recruited to maintain the flagship Prospector product (mixed VB6/.Net), with a view to converting it to a .Net platform during 2012/2013. Prospector had around 14,000 users at the time.

  • Prospector maintenance and bug resolution (VB6/C#), including client contact where necessary.
  • Redeveloped the C++ maintenance tool to VB.Net (there was no other C++ experience).
  • Rebranded the product when TrigoldCrystal became AveloTrigold.
  • Initiated a documentation project to document “local knowledge”.
  • Influenced the introduction of PluralSight licences for developer training.
  • Developed the mortgage catalogue maintenance systems (ASP.Net/C#)

2008 – 2011 Avelo (Formerly 1st Software) Senior Developer

Joined in order to expand the software development team for their financial planning software; Adviser Office. Started as a ‘strong coder’ and quickly progressed to deputising for the Team Leader, taking responsibility for

  • VB6 design and coding.
  • Mentoring other team members.
  • Specification review, estimating and allocation in conjunction with the Business Analysts.
  • Architecture design and specification of new program offerings.
  • Third line support.
  • Code review and standards review leading to a reduction in the number of post-release bug reports.
  • Installer maintenance (Wise and InstallShield).
  • The release of new versions of Adviser Office.
  • Development of C# based extensions to Adviser Office.
  • Performed two rebranding exercises on the Adviser Office application, making the process more streamlined for the second rebrand.

Adviser Office is the primary software package used by around 15,000 users.

While working for 1st, I have also kept in contact with Lucidus and continued to actively support and develop IPM.

1994-2008 Lucidus Ltd Technical Manager

  • Design and develop a generic business planning tool - Integrated Performance Measures (IPM) - that is focused on the translation and communication of corporate strategy into highly focused and manageable improvement initiatives.
  • Upgraded Lucidus products from VB3 to VB6/C++.
  • Planned the upgrade from VB6 to C#.
  • Pre/post sales support, including sales presentations.
  • Produced user documentation (600+ manual).
  • Managed team of one additional developer and one help desk operative.
  • Created the Lucidus web site.
  • Designed and implemented email marketing software.
  • Produced the company standards for technical and non-technical aspects of the company.

Clients included BP Chemicals, Pilkingtons, Yorkshire Water and the MoD.

In addition to working for Lucidus, I also developed software packages for

  • 360 degree analysis of competence
  • Tools for the practical delivery of competence frameworks
  • Excel based management systems for managing budgets, tracking equipment and monitoring health and safety issues.

1990 - 1994 IMI Computing Senior Technical Consultant

1989 - 1990 Lucidus Ltd Developer & Operating Systems Consultant

1988 - 1989 IMI Computing IBM VM/VSE/MVS/CICS/DL1 Technical Consultant

1984 - 1988 Hoskyns Group PLC IBM VM/VSE/MVS Consultant

1984 - 1984 Horizon Travel IBM VM/VSE Systems Programmer

1977 - 1984 Sun Alliance IBM VM/MVS Systems Programmer

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