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Steven Barnett

The dim and distant past

Avelo Trigold - Developer - 2011-Sep 2012

Recruited to maintain the flagship Prospector product (mixed VB6/.Net), with a view to converting it to a .Net platform during 2012/2013. Prospector had around 14,000 users at the time.


  • Prospector maintenance and bug resolution (VB6/C#), including client contact where necessary.
  • Redeveloped the C++ maintenance tool to VB.Net (there was no other C++ experience).
  • Rebranded the product when TrigoldCrystal became AveloTrigold.
  • Initiated a documentation project to document “local knowledge”.
  • Influenced the introduction of PluralSight licences for developer training.
  • Developed the mortgage catalogue maintenance systems (ASP.Net/C#)

Software Skills

  • C#
  • VB3-VB6
  • C/C++
  • S/370 Assembler
  • APL
  • Cobol

Soft Skills

  • Specification and design
  • Software distribution
  • Manual writing

Avelo (Formerly 1st Software) - Sevior Developer - 2008-Sep 2011

Joined in order to expand the software development team for their financial planning software; Adviser Office. Started as a ‘strong coder’ and quickly progressed to deputising for the Team Leader while he was on secondment to another project.


  • VB6 design and coding.
  • Mentoring other team members.
  • Specification review, estimating and allocation in conjunction with the Business Analysts.
  • Architecture design and specification of new program offerings.
  • Third line support.
  • Code review and standards review leading to a reduction in the number of post-release bug reports.
  • Installer maintenance (Wise and InstallShield).
  • The release of new versions of Adviser Office.
  • Development of C# based extensions to Adviser Office.
  • Performed two rebranding exercises on the Adviser Office application, making the process more streamlined for the second rebrand.

Adviser Office is the primary software package used by around 15,000 users.

While working for 1st/Avelo, I also kept in contact with Lucidus and continued to actively support and develop IPM.

Lucidus Ltd - Technical Manager - 1994-2008

Lucidus was probably my most exciting position. While I did some pretty spectacular projects in my mainframe days, Lucidus was the first place where I started working properly with PC's and PC development. Particularly exciting was the fact that I was the whole IT department, so my decisons had to be right or I had to be the one to fix them!

Working at Lucidus taught me a lot that I carried over into other positions, including proper project mmanagement, a deep respect for designing for usability and a need to develop in an agile way, before agile became 'a thing'.


  • Design and develop a generic business planning tool - Integrated Performance Measures (IPM) - that is focused on the translation and communication of corporate strategy into highly focused and manageable improvement initiatives.
  • Upgraded Lucidus products from VB3 to VB6/C++.
  • Planned the upgrade from VB6 to C#.
  • Pre/post sales support, including sales presentations.
  • Produced user documentation (600+ manual).
  • Managed team of one additional developer and one help desk operative.
  • Created the Lucidus web site.
  • Designed and implemented email marketing software.
  • Produced the company standards for technical and non-technical aspects of the company.

Clients included BP Chemicals, Pilkingtons, Yorkshire Water and the MoD.

In addition to working for Lucidus, I also developed software packages for some third party organisations.

  • 360 degree analysis of competence
  • Tools for the practical delivery of competence frameworks
  • Excel based management systems for managing budgets, tracking equipment and monitoring health and safety issues.

Ancient History

Anything beyond this point is mainframe based. While I started as a Computer Operator it was never going to be enough to operate a computer, to mount tapes, load disks and feed printers. So, early on in my career, I decided to become a programmer.

I failed to become a programmer, which was a very lucky result for me, as I went on to teach myself IBM/370 assembler and became a Systems Programmer instead.


1990 - 1994 IMI Computing Senior Technical Consultant

1989 - 1990 Lucidus Ltd Developer & Operating Systems Consultant

1988 - 1989 IMI Computing IBM VM/VSE/MVS/CICS/DL1 Technical Consultant

1984 - 1988 Hoskyns Group PLC IBM VM/VSE/MVS Consultant

1984 - 1984 Horizon Travel IBM VM/VSE Systems Programmer

1977 - 1984 Sun Alliance IBM VM/MVS Systems Programmer


Don't take my word for my abilities, take alook at other peoples opinions about me.