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Steven Barnett

Third Financial Software Ltd - Developer & Team Lead

March 2015 to November 2019.

Role Overview

Joined Third Financial when Lucidus closed for business. Third produces the leading Wealth Management tool which is based around a Windows Forms front end talking to a series of WCF services connected to a SQL Server database using a mixture of ADO and Entity Framework.

While I joined as a lowly developer, I have demonstrated a skill set that ThirdFin want and have been instrumental in the development of a web app using Angular2/4. My abilities led to my promotion to R&D Team Leader.


  • Architecting a strategic WEB based development using .Net Core, Angular 2, Bootstrap and Web Services. This to replace an existing web solution and an iPad app and to form the starting point for an online trading system.
  • Pulled together the team of developers for the Angular 2 app and managed that team, liaising with the Founding Director of the company.
  • Success of the Angular 2 app led to promotion to Team Leader for the whole R&D function.
  • Spec writing, spec reviews and estimating. Scheduling of work for the R&D team.
  • Maintenance and bug fixing of the Tercero wealth management system (C#, DevExpress, Winforms).
  • Design and development of new features for new and existing clients, taking a BRD and producing technical specifications, software and documentation.
  • Expansion of the use of DevExpress components including introducing some previously unused components.
  • Second line support.
  • Analysis, design and coding of inter-bank interfaces.
  • Introduction of new tools such as Resharper and WebStorm.

Team Lead

As team leader I had direct responsibility for seven other people, both permanent and contract.

  • I allocated and progressed work assignments.
  • Reported direct to the CEO & CTO.
  • Liaised with project managers to ensure projects are properly resourced and delivered on time.
  • Mentored junior team members.
  • Performed annual performance reviews, including setting salary levels.
  • Scrum master


Software Skills

  • C# - WinForms
  • C# - REST ApiController
  • Angular (2 thru 8)
  • Typescript
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
  • TFS/Git source control
  • Agile and traditional full-spec development

Soft Skills

  • Team Leadership
  • Spec review
  • Work allocation and scheduling
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Staff development


>Tercero is market leading, multi-award winning, front-to-back Investment Management software. A single, integrated solution providing comprehensive operational support for all aspects of your business - delivering flexibility, efficiency and control.

Technology wise, the Tercero front end is a Windows Forms desktop application that communicates to a SQL Server back end through a WCF business layer. It's written in C# and the front end is based around the DevExpress suite of controls.


Digital Wealth

Built specifically for the investment management community, Tercero Digital Wealth allows you to deliver the online capabilities needed in the new digital age. Device independent, Tercero Digital Wealth will allow you to engage with your customers in the manner expected by today’s changing demographic; digitally.

Digital was built from scratch using the then brand new and still in beta version of Angular 2. The site is served from a .Net Core service to give us some flexibility in how we serve the site. The web app communicates with Tercero via a very comprehensive REST API. It's been through the pain of Angular upgrades and is gong from strength to strength through Angular 8.

Tercero Digital Wealth


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