The Power of Customer Value.

A Revolution in Sales Performance.

There are three powerful reasons why you should take a close look at how you can use the customer value inherent in your products and services to greater advantage.

Selling using your customer value deals with these issues by providing you with an enhancement to your existing sales process that fills the gaps in the customer's buying process.

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Value Based Procurement.

Traditional Procurement Systems and Practices Are Problematic.

Today's procurement systems are largely built on purchaser/vendor mistrust, the lack of rigorous purchasing procedures and a lack of tools that can be used to compare bids and assess value. Going for the cheapest option and laying the risk on the vendor looks attractive, in the short term, but is far less effective in the long term.

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Managing Change - Value Lifecycle Management.

A revolution in Value Assessment and Release.

Want to know the value of competing projects and programmes? Want to minimise change by knowing what's valuable and what isn't? Want to track value across integrated projects and know what value is at risk before it's lost? Want to undertake sophisticated what-if modelling?

According to Gartner, at least 25% of all costs associated with change activity are wasted. In addition, our experience shows that improper sequencing of change activities will put up to 60% of value at risk.

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Value Based Outsourcing.

Clear linkage between your outsourced resources and business performance.

Not sure its right for you? Want to know the best approach for you? Want the benefits without the problems?

When you outsource a business function, whether I.T. or business process, you want lowest cost but you also want leveraged business performance, an infrastructure that facilitates (not constrains) business agility, and a low cost of doing business with your supplier. In other words you want tangible added value. But adding value is really hard.

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