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Steven Barnett

Avelo Trigold - Developer

Feb 2013 to Oct 2013.


I was invited back to Avelo in order to pick up on the project I was working on when I went to South View Solutions.


  • Prospector (VB6) bug fixing and feature development, releasing two other developers to work on other projects.
  • Migrated a Unix/Java mortgage application system to a new C# service. This was a time critical project, delivered early.
  • Joined the company Communications Workflow group to help influence company communications policy.
  • Worked on the Prospector (VB6) to Momentum (Asp.Net) mortgage sourcing bridge, allowing the VB6 application to interface to the online systems for sourcing buy-to-let mortgages. In the process, the online mortgage system was greatly enhanced
  • Created an exemplar Windows 8 Store App (C#) to interface with AveloTrigold web services.


Software Skills

  • C# (ASP.Net & MVC4 ApiController)
  • VB6
  • Java (Read only!)
  • SVN Source control
  • Agile Development


Trigold Prospector is the market leading mortgage sourcing tool, providing a complete end-to-end system for mortgage advice. It is regarded as the most user-friendly, compliant, and accurate sourcing software available; over two thirds of mortgage professionals use Trigold Prospector on a daily basis.

Prospector was a rather old piece of software developed in VB6 using an Access database to hold details of over 8000 mortgage products and their variations.



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